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We ship world wide, but now due to Dept. of the Interior, (Fish & Wildlife) regulations/inspection fees, each order of (Deerskin, Elk, and Bison Gloves / Mittens) must be charged a $91.00 inspection fee before exported out of USA.
(Also actual shipping is calculated and billed, once I know the weight / box size.)

   When it comes to providing protection and warmth to your hands there is no material that can match Deerskin or Elk skin Leather. It provides a very comfortable fit by molding to your hand and yet allows great flexibility and durability.

   Our gloves are fashioned from Natural USA Deerskin, Elk skin and Bison leather. A Remarkably strong and durable, yet soft and flexible material. You will notice color variations and Natural grain etchings and scratches, which means that the tanning process has preserved the Leather in its own Natural beauty. Slight imperfections mean you are getting the greatest quality Natural USA Deerskin, Elk skin and Bison leather gloves that money can buy.



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